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Do you love your students?

“Do you love your students?” As we approached graduation from the School for Education, our teachers coached us on how to respond to this standard interview question. “Your answer should always be, ‘Yes.’” Sure enough, in one of my first interviews for a teaching position, the assistant principal asked me, “Do you love your students?” … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: Is Education an Art or a Science?

by Stacy Sharp-Adamson and Shon Adamson Currently programs that allow for teacher decision making are being replaced by those that promote district decision making. Throughout the history of education in America, experts have been trying to find the elusive secret formula for success for every child in every classroom. This often puts teachers, education experts … Continue reading

Guns in Schools: Keep the Safety Lock On

It is SO incredibly hard to drop my kids off at school today. I just wanna lock the doors and stay home, but I know I can’t. Nothing is harder than being a parent and knowing there is nothing else you can do but trust and let go. — Facebook post the Monday after the … Continue reading

Hickman Mills: Educating For A Lifetime of Success?

Hickman Mills is the only one of the 28 districts in the Kansas City metropolitan area placing a metal detector log sheet and police report on the agenda of every board of education meeting. That same board chose to honor students at only six of their monthly meetings last year. Earlier this month, Missouri’s State … Continue reading

Labor Day Reflections: Put Those Kids Back to Work!

I always find it interesting how many teachers gleefully agree that maybe it would be a good idea if we send middle school students out to work and not let them come back to school until they’re ready to learn. This idea is on my mind, because it’s the day after Labor Day and the … Continue reading

KS & MO Receive Federal Grants to Assist Low-Income Students With AP Test Fees

Fees for Advanced Placement exams can be a barrier to equal education opportunity for students from low-income families. Some of these students in Kansas and Missouri now will be receiving assistance in paying for these exams, thanks to grants from the United States Department of Education. Yesterday the federal government announced grants to 43 states, … Continue reading

Missouri State Teachers Association Offers Model Communications Policy to Districts

It drew national attention earlier this year, and a Missouri judge said it was most likely unconstitutional. “It” was a provision of the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act regulating online communications among public school employees and students. The Missouri General Assembly passed the legislation, and Gov. Jay Nixon signed into law last summer. Because of … Continue reading

Number of Needy Students Up, Instruction Cut in Bonner Springs/Edwardsville School District

A plea for help was included in budget documents administrators presented for approval to the board of Bonner Springs/Edwardsville Unified School District #204 last night. “Due to the state’s budgeting problems this past two years we made cuts of over 2.5 million dollars and are anticipating further cuts in the coming months,” is how district … Continue reading


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