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Missouri Legislature Sends Measure to Reform Unaccredited Schools to the Governor’s Desk

This just in from the Missouri Senate Majority Caucus Communications Director: Legislature Sends Measure To Reform Unaccredited Schools to the Governor’s Desk Bill Also Streamlines Missouri Tenure Laws JEFFERSON CITY— During the recently concluded legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly sent the Governor a measure aimed at helping students in failing school districts. This legislation, Senate Bill … Continue reading

Missouri Senate Approves Measure to Allow Quicker State Takeover of Unaccredited Schools

This just in from the Senate Majority Caucus communications office: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 7, 2013 Senate Approves Measure to Assist Unaccredited Schools Bill Removes the Two-Year Waiting Period Before State Can Intervene JEFFERSON CITY— A bill aimed at helping students in failing school districts was given final approval by the Senate today by a … Continue reading

Kansas Republican Primary: It’s Not Looking Good for the Future of Education Funding

The clock just struck midnight, and it looks like all votes are in from precincts in the Kansas City-metropolitan area in the Kansas Republican primary elections. Education was one of the most important issues in these races, which tended to feature a moderate pitted against one or more conservatives. Almost all of the moderates favored … Continue reading

August 7: VOTE!

One of the reasons we pay property taxes to support our public schools is they’re supposed to teach us about our duties as citizens as the United States. Tuesday, Aug. 7, is an election day. More than a third of eligible citizens are not registered to vote, and only about half of those registered will … Continue reading

Missouri Senate Convenes With Vows of Support for Public Education

Education issues will be a priority for the Missouri Senate, according to President Pro Tem Robert N. Mayer. He delivered the opening address at the second regular session of the 96th General Assembly, which convened Wednesday in Jefferson City. “We will continue to make education a priority in funding and resources in the 2012 legislative … Continue reading

UPDATE 2:59 p.m. SB 1: Signed and On Its Way to the Governor

Today I am working on an article about the Turner School District. In the meantime, I’ve just received an update from the Missouri National Education Association legislative director regarding Senate Bill 1, a revision of the portion of the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act regulating teacher-student relationships online: Missouri NEA Special Legislative Update By Otto … Continue reading


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