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Meet An Average Missouri Public School Teacher

Female: 78.8% of Missouri teachers are women. Caucasian: About 95% of Missouri teachers are white. (In contrast, about 84% of people living in Missouri are white.) Age: 35 years old Experience: No more than 10 years Data source: Recruitment and Retention of Teachers in Missouri Public Schools; A Report to the Missouri General Assembly December 2012 _______________________________ Read our … Continue reading

Meet An Average Kansas Public School Teacher

Female: 75% of Kansas teachers are women. Caucasian: 97% of Kansas teachers are white. (In contrast, about 87% of people living in Kansas are white.) Age: 52 years old Experience: 7 years Most common reason for leaving the profession: Retirement Annual Salary: $35,000 (down from $50,000 at the beginning of the Great Recession) Teaches: Elementary School Data source: Personnel report, … Continue reading

Raymore-Peculiar School Board Projects $1.3 Million Deficit This Year

Teachers in the Raymore-Peculiar School District are making a little more money this year, the superintendent is not, and the district is operating on a deficit budget approved by the Board of Education with two dissenting votes. Salaries for teachers — who did not receive raises last year — increased by $600. Most administrators — … Continue reading


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