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Time for bed, Sweetie. Why? Because you need your sleep. Why? Because you’ll be cranky tomorrow, if you don’t get your sleep. Why? Because Dad and I will be cranky tomorrow, if you don’t get your sleep. Why? Sometimes I answer, “Because I said so. That’s why.” And then I start giggling and tell my … Continue reading

Park Hill Trying to Make Good on Promise Not to Increase Taxes

When Park Hill asked taxpayers to approve $49.5 million in bonds last spring, the district promoted this vote as a “No-Tax-Increase Bond Issue.” Which is why, when the Board of Education holds its annual tax levy hearing next Thursday, school board members are going to do their best to keep property taxes from rising. Property … Continue reading

Independence Public School District is Bonding & Building

Students are going back to school today in the Independence district, and they are doing so in the midst of a building boom, thanks to $85 million in bond money approved by voters in the district two years ago. This time next year, Independence students should be attending an as-yet-to-be-named elementary school in the eastern … Continue reading


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