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Guns in Schools: Keep the Safety Lock On

It is SO incredibly hard to drop my kids off at school today. I just wanna lock the doors and stay home, but I know I can’t. Nothing is harder than being a parent and knowing there is nothing else you can do but trust and let go. — Facebook post the Monday after the … Continue reading

Public Schools in Missouri and Kansas Could Lose $76.5 Million If Congress Jumps Over the Fiscal Cliff

Even before the votes were counted last Tuesday, pundits began talking about what would come next. Although there was the expected disagreement about politics, most agreed that as soon as elections were over our government representatives old and new would immediately turn their attention to the looming fiscal cliff. If the U.S. Congress fails to … Continue reading

UPDATED: Spanking in Schools: Is It Legal in the KC Metro Area?

Corporal punishment in U.S. public schools was a featured topic on today’s Talk of the Nation program on National Public Radio. The program participants brought up the fact that in 19 states, it is still legal to spank students. The rest of the states have laws against such corporal punishment. Let’s test your knowledge about … Continue reading

July School Board Reports — Week 4

Seven local school boards met last week. Kansas De Soto School District Highlights: Overseeing construction funded by school bonds approved by district voters. Reviewing proposed budget for 2012-13 school year. Announcement of public budget hearing scheduled for Monday, Aug. 13, at 6 p.m. Overseeing contractor study of district enrollment and school boundaries, which should be … Continue reading

July School Board Reports — Week 3

Nine local school boards met last week. Kansas Blue Valley School District Highlights: Reorganization Revising two district policies, “Behavior and Discipline” and “Civility of Students” Bonner Springs/Edwardsville Highlight: Reorganization Gardner Edgerton Highlights: Reorganization Overseeing projects funded by¬†$72 million in school bond sales approved by voters¬†earlier this year. Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Highlights: Reorganization An … Continue reading

Kansas Democrats Counter Brownback’s School Finance Plan With One of Their Own

Democrats from the Kansas State Legislature held a press conference in Topeka today to communicate their plan to restore funding to public schools. Originally, the Democrats planned to reveal their school financing plan the day Boeing announced closure of its Wichita plant. The Democratic event was rescheduled. Their plan would take half of excess state … Continue reading


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