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Missouri State Board of Education Meeting — Tuesday, Jan. 22

The Missouri State Board of Education met Tuesday evening, Jan. 22. From a policy standpoint, the highlights of their agenda were: Unanimously voted to amend rule 5 CSR 20-400.280 governing required assessments for professional education certification Unanimously voted to¬†support legislation that would allow schools to treat policies and planning addressing school safety issues as as … Continue reading

“Teachers are Nervous”: States Are Changing the Way They Evaluate Educators

“Teachers are nervous,” Sandi Jacobs said earlier this week. “They’re hearing a lot of things that are scaring them.” Jacobs, a former educator and current vice president of the National Council on Teacher Quality, was talking about job performance evaluations. As many who have worked in the field for any length of time will tell … Continue reading

What Do Missourians Value Most About Education? State Officials Want to Know.

Plans are underway to revise the accreditation process for public schools in Missouri. To inform this process, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) wants to know what Missourians value most about education. Therefore, the department is holding a series of meetings across the state. Residents of the Kansas City metropolitan area will have … Continue reading

Here’s a Radical Idea: Use Standardized Tests to Guide Student Growth, Not Just Grade Schools

Critics of standardized assessments — such as the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) test — voice concern that test results are not available in a timely manner for teachers to use in helping students learn. Instead, Missouri districts uses the results primarily for bureaucratic purposes, to file their Annual Performance Reports (APR). But that may be … Continue reading

Missouri: High Standards but Average Student Achievement

The goal of Missouri’s State Board of Education is for student achievement to rank in the top 10 in the nation by the year 2020. In December, the board will vote on proposed new standards they hope will help accomplish that goal. This week, during the board’s August monthly meeting, they gave the go-ahead to … Continue reading


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