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State Board of Education & Evolution: “Not a Bunch of Kansas Crazies”

First let’s make this absolutely clear: Kansas’ State Board of Education is not deciding whether the teaching of evolution should be included in the Next Generation Science Standards¬†(NGSS). That’s already been decided in the affirmative by the scientists and educators who wrote the Framework for K-12 Science Education¬†that the standards are based on. And — … Continue reading

Possible Effects of Climate Change on Next Generation Science Standards in Kansas

Originally Matt Krehbiel — who is overseeing Kansas’ participation in writing the national Next Generation Science Standards — promised the first draft would be available for public review this winter. Last February, he assured Kansas State Board of Education members he would do his best to keep his promise, but that — scientifically speaking — … Continue reading

Kansas State Board of Education Hears Update on Next Generation Science Standards

Shh! Everyone (including 10 Kansas City metropolitan area residents) working on the first draft of the national Next Generation Science Standards has been sworn to secrecy. “Just be patient for another month or so,” Chairman David T. Dennis advised Kansas State Board of Education members who were curious about the contents of the standards, which … Continue reading


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