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Kansas State Board of Education Meeting — Tuesday, March 12

The Kansas State Board of Education met Tuesday, March 12. From a policy standpoint, the highlights of their agenda¬†were: A report on proposed standards for history, government and social studies. A copy of the proposed standards is included in the agenda, which explains: The purpose of the document is to provide guidance to districts, schools, … Continue reading

Needs Improvement: National Business Leaders Assess STEM Education In Metro Area

Public schools in both Kansas and Missouri plan to improve science and math education but have yet to make those plans a reality, according to a report released this week by a non-profit coalition of national and international business leaders. Summarizing their opinion of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in both states, the … Continue reading

What Students in KS & MO Say About Their Education (Psst! We Don’t Read Enough)

Ask eighth-grade students in Missouri, and almost a third will tell you they read no more than five pages a day. More than a quarter of eighth graders in Kansas will tell you the same thing. More than a third of students in fourth-grade and a quarter of those in eighth-grade in each state say … Continue reading


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