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“We’re Trying To Fight a Guerrilla War”: Kansas To Battle With Feds Over Local Control Of Public Schools

Next Monday, when students in the Kansas City, Kansas (KCK) district return to school after spring break, they’re going to get some bad news. Those enrolled in grades three through seven are going to have to take about three more weeks of standardized tests this spring. Unfortunately, these students are caught in the middle of … Continue reading

Kansas State Board of Education Hears Update on Next Generation Science Standards

Shh! Everyone (including 10 Kansas City metropolitan area residents) working on the first draft of the national Next Generation Science Standards has been sworn to secrecy. “Just be patient for another month or so,” Chairman David T. Dennis advised Kansas State Board of Education members who were curious about the contents of the standards, which … Continue reading

KS State Board of Education: What do Chocolate Chip Cookies & Accreditation Have in Common?

“It’s kind of like a giant rubric.” That was how Kansas State Board of Education member Kathy Martin responded to a proposed new school accreditation model. Kansas State Department of Education¬†(KSDE) staff members described their proposal for a new method of grading schools at yesterday’s monthly board meeting in Topeka. The rubric Martin referred to … Continue reading


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