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Local and National Policymakers Struggle With Ways to Keep Students From Hurting Themselves and Others

One boy’s mother says he spends entire days at school alone in a room with no windows and the door closed so no one can see him. School staff say he has issues with touching people too often — including high fives and hugs — and so must be separated from his classmates. Another mother … Continue reading

Two Education Bills Are Introduced as Kansas State Senate Convenes

Education issues should be prominent in this year’s session of the Senate in the Kansas State Legislature, which convened Monday in Topeka. Public schools in the state have not been fully funded since shortly after the start of the Great Recession, which led to a decrease in state revenues. So far only two of eight … Continue reading

Kansas Democrats Counter Brownback’s School Finance Plan With One of Their Own

Democrats from the Kansas State Legislature held a press conference in Topeka today to communicate their plan to restore funding to public schools. Originally, the Democrats planned to reveal their school financing plan the day Boeing announced closure of its Wichita plant. The Democratic event was rescheduled. Their plan would take half of excess state … Continue reading

Raytown Board of Education to Meet This Evening

Raytown School District’s Board of Education will meet Monday, Jan. 9, at 6:30 p.m. According to the school board’s published agenda, they have a full schedule. A highlight of the consent agenda is consideration of a proposal to install new gymnasium lighting in Raytown High School as well as in Raytown and Raytown South middle schools. The … Continue reading

Kansas School Superintendents Approve Legislative Positions

Yesterday, the Kansas School Superintendents’ Association published their legislative positions for the 2011-2012 school year. Unanimously, the superintendents chose to support the following: Finance — It is a function of the state of Kansas to equitably finance the public schools at a level equal to or greater than the current law. Personnel — We support … Continue reading


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