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MO State Board of Education Projects $714 Million Shortfall in School Funding by 2014

The clock is ticking, and time is running out on efforts to adequately fund education for public school students in the state of Missouri. Under discussion today at December’s State Board of Education meeting is the need to work with the governor and General Assembly to change the school funding formula before it’s too late. … Continue reading

Government Report on School Funding Formula in MO (Comic Book Version) — Part Two

If you missed Part One last Friday, you might want to start reading here. *Pittner, N.A., Carleton, M.M., & Casto, C. (2010). School funding in Ohio: From DeRolph to the evidence-based model (EBM) and beyond. Journal of Education Finance, 36(2), 111-142. Click here to read Part Three. If you have some education news to share … Continue reading


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