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December School Board Meetings — Week 3

Eight local school boards met during the second week of December. Kansas Turner Highlight: Routine responsibilities of governance.  Missouri Center Highlights: Heard an announcement that Tuesday, Dec. 18, was the first day to file to run for a seat on the school board. Filing closes Tuesday, Jan. 15. The election will be next April.  Heard … Continue reading

November School Board Meetings — Week 3

The Kansas State Board of Education and 21 local school boards met during the third week of November. Kansas State Board of Education Highlights: Considered adopting an official state definition of the phrase “College and Career ready.” Districts throughout the state are phasing in the new national Common Core Standards, which the state board has … Continue reading

October School Board Reports — Week 3

The Kansas and Missouri State Boards of Education as well as eight local school boards met last week. Kansas Bonner Springs/Edwardsville Highlight: Routine responsibilities of governance Hickman Mills Highlight: Received metal detector search log summary and police report State Board of Education Highlights: Heard an update on the new Kansas Educator Evaluation Protocol (KEEP), the … Continue reading

September School Board Reports — Week 3

Both state boards of education and eight local school boards met last week. Kansas State Board of Education Highlights: Discussed educational issues state board members might like to recommend to the 2013 state legislature. Considered establishing a joint council with the Kansas Board of Regents that would meet annually to coordinate action on interests that … Continue reading

Provisional Accreditation: Hickman Mills Downgraded By State Board of Education

THIS JUST IN FROM THE HICKMAN MILLS SCHOOL DISTRICT: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sept. 18, 2012 DISTRICT RECEIVES PROVISIONAL ACCREDITATION FROM STATE Members of the State Board of Education approved the recommendation of Commissioner of Education Dr. Chris Nicastro and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and gave the Hickman Mills C-1 School District provisional … Continue reading

August School Board Reports — Week 3

The Kansas State Board of Education and thirteen local school boards met last week. Kansas State Board of Education Highlights: Hearing an update on the state’s No Child Left Behind Flexibility Waiver from the federal government Hearing an update on Kansas’ participation in development of the national Next Generation Science Standards Receiving a presentation regarding … Continue reading

Hurdling Into The Future of Accreditation In Missouri

Close your eyes and visualize yourself as a runner. Not just any runner. A hurdler running around a high school athletic track, gauging the distance to each hurdle, leaping with a lift of the thigh and just barely clearing the obstacle. You know you aren’t the best hurdler on the track, but this race was … Continue reading

2012 Annual Performance Reports for Missouri Public School Districts Released Today

It’s report card day for public school districts in Missouri. Parents and community members wanting to know about the achievement of students in their districts on the annual state assessment tests and other factors such as attendance and graduation rates now have access to that information online. “This is much earlier than we’ve ever released … Continue reading

July School Board Reports — Week 3

Nine local school boards met last week. Kansas Blue Valley School District Highlights: Reorganization Revising two district policies, “Behavior and Discipline” and “Civility of Students” Bonner Springs/Edwardsville Highlight: Reorganization Gardner Edgerton Highlights: Reorganization Overseeing projects funded by $72 million in school bond sales approved by voters earlier this year. Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Highlights: Reorganization An … Continue reading


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