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Yes, God is Allowed in Public Schools

Just to set the record straight: Yes, God is allowed in public schools. Metaphysically and constitutionally, you can’t keep deity out. Based on the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution establishing separation of church and state, our courts have ruled that teachers — as representatives of the government — may not encourage belief in religion … Continue reading

Political Signs: Homeowner Association Bans Make it Difficult for School Board Candidates to Campaign

Now that the school board elections are last week’s news, let’s talk about signs. During the campaigns, I was corresponding with a number of candidates, and one told me, “It is a bit of a challenge to run for school board.  There is no press coverage.  Forums are few and far between.  Some neighborhoods do … Continue reading

Student Code of Conduct on the Agenda for KCK School Board This Evening

The Kansas City, Kansas Public School District’s Board of Education will meet Tuesday, March 10, at 5 p.m. In addition to routine items on the agenda, such as approving a ROTC trip to the nation’s capitol and setting next year’s school calendar, board members will consider proposed changes to Student Code of Conduct policies. These policies dictate differing levels of consequences … Continue reading

Possible First Amendment Rights Violations: Teachers Association Concerned About Districts Enforcing New Policies

Districts are beginning to enforce their new electronic communications policies, and the Missouri State Teachers’ Association (MSTA) is concerned about possible First Amendment rights violations. “We have heard reports of educators already being suspected of violations,” according to an MSTA blog post. “Some of the violations are personal Facebook posts that are controversial or political … Continue reading

Districts Complying With New Missouri Law May Be Vulnerable to Lawsuits

When members of the Missouri General Assembly revised the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act last fall, they made a decision to not make a decision. Instead, legislators passed that responsibility on to the districts. “Our concern when Senate Bill 1 came up in special session was that the state legislature was just setting up school … Continue reading

Missouri State Teachers Association Offers Model Communications Policy to Districts

It drew national attention earlier this year, and a Missouri judge said it was most likely unconstitutional. “It” was a provision of the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act regulating online communications among public school employees and students. The Missouri General Assembly passed the legislation, and Gov. Jay Nixon signed into law last summer. Because of … Continue reading


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