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Possible First Amendment Rights Violations: Teachers Association Concerned About Districts Enforcing New Policies

Districts are beginning to enforce their new electronic communications policies, and the Missouri State Teachers’ Association (MSTA) is concerned about possible First Amendment rights violations. “We have heard reports of educators already being suspected of violations,” according to an MSTA blog post. “Some of the violations are personal Facebook posts that are controversial or political … Continue reading

Missouri State Teachers Association Offers Model Communications Policy to Districts

It drew national attention earlier this year, and a Missouri judge said it was most likely unconstitutional. “It” was a provision of the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act regulating online communications among public school employees and students. The Missouri General Assembly passed the legislation, and Gov. Jay Nixon signed into law last summer. Because of … Continue reading

UPDATE Oct. 27: SB 1 Will Become Law in Missouri … Sometime

Last week, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed SB 1 into law. This is the bill modifying the section of the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act regulating online communication among educators and the young people they teach. According to state statute, the new law is to take effect 90 days after the conclusion of the current … Continue reading

Signed Into Law: Missouri Districts Must Make Their Own Policies About Teachers Friending Students on Facebook

It was down to the deadline. Today was the last day for Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to sign SB 1 into law, and he did it. Here is the report from the Missouri National Education Association (MNEA) Legislative Director Otto Fajen: GOVERNOR SIGNS SCHOOL COMMUNICATION BILL INTO LAW Governor Jay Nixon signed SCS/SB 1 (Jane … Continue reading

UPDATE 2:59 p.m. SB 1: Signed and On Its Way to the Governor

Today I am working on an article about the Turner School District. In the meantime, I’ve just received an update from the Missouri National Education Association legislative director regarding Senate Bill 1, a revision of the portion of the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act regulating teacher-student relationships online: Missouri NEA Special Legislative Update By Otto … Continue reading

UPDATE September 27 8:15 a.m. BREAKING NEWS: SB 1 Has Received Final Approval in the Missouri House

According to the Missouri State Teachers Association, the Missouri House approved SB 1 (formerly SB 54) about an hour ago and is sending it to Governor Jay Nixon for his signature. The status of the bill on the Missouri General Assembly site is “Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed,” effective today. This is the part … Continue reading

UPDATE: Sept. 23, 9:12 a.m. MO Education Committee Sends SB 1 to House Floor for Debate

This afternoon, the education committee of the Missouri House of Representatives voted unanimously to send SB 1 — the new version of the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act — to the House floor for debate. Last week the Missouri Senate granted its final approval to the bill, sending it to the House for consideration. According … Continue reading

Hickman Mills School Board Drafting New Social Networking Policy

The Amy Hestir Student Protection Act, which Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signed into law last summer, requires school boards to adopt social networking policies. However, a judge has issued an injunction, because this provision of the law may be unconstitutional. Hickman Mills’ Board of Education — like many school boards in the state — is … Continue reading

NEWS ALERT (Updated Sept. 19, 3:19 p.m.): New Language in Facebook Law Receives First-Round Approval from Missouri State Senate

Jefferson City, MO 4:54 p.m. — Missouri’s State Senate voted this afternoon on first-round approval for SB1: “162.069.1. Every school district shall, by March 1, 2012, promulgate a written policy concerning employee-student communication. Such policy shall include, but not be limited to, the use of electronic media and other mechanisms to prevent improper communications between … Continue reading

UPDATED Sept. 12, 4:54 p.m.: MO Legislators Will Consider Letting Teachers & Students Be Facebook Friends Again

Even Missouri state Sen. Jane Cunningham (R-Chesterfield) admits the bill she sponsored should probably be changed. So today the Missouri General Assembly will begin a special session in which they will consider repealing the provision of Senate Bill 54 that makes it illegal for teachers to friend students on Facebook. The bill was supposed to … Continue reading


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