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Editorial: We Only See Their Knees But Learn Our B’s

In the early morning, light filled our kindergarten classroom at John Diemer Elementary School. The early morning light made the white tiles on our classroom floor shine. On the floor, our teacher had printed the letters of the alphabet in a large circle. Each kindergartner had an assigned letter, and when the school day started, … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: Teaching is Easy, Right?

by Jennifer L. Gadd By now you’ve all probably seen the recent video clip in which actor Matt Damon takes a reason.tv cameraman to task at the Save Our Schools Rally. In the clip, the interviewer sets forth the notion that job security keeps educators from wanting to be good teachers. That reporter should’ve talked … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: Where Are All the Great Leaders?

by James Edwin Whedbee Would this great nation have prospered had inventor Thomas Alva Edison been forced to attain a proficient score on his statewide standardized test score, or had his school been forced to make AYP in spite of Edison’s academic deficiencies? Would this great nation have survived the tumult of its Civil War … Continue reading


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