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“Mom, Can I Really Tell My Teachers This Homework Is Against My Religion?”

Act 1, Scene 1: Our dining room over dinner last Wednesday, the day after Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved adding Amendment 2 to our state’s constitution ME: Wow! I can’t believe so many people voted for that amendment. I don’t think a lot of them really understood what they were voting for. I read an exit … Continue reading

UPDATED 8/9/2012 Missourians Approve “This Homework Is Against My Religion” Amendment

UPDATE: Well, that didn’t take long. The day after voters approved Amendment 2, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit challenging it as unconstitutional. Although this challenge relates to prisoner rights, challenges may also be forthcoming regarding the new right this amendment gives to students to refuse school assignments they say violate their religion: http://tinyurl.com/9dlv3emContinue reading


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