Who Owns North Kansas City Hospital?

Is North Kansas City Hospital privately owned?

Background. North Kansas City (NKC) Hospital was a municipal public hospital managed and operated by Meritas, a private nonprofit corporation. Meritas was incorporated in January 1993 as a not-for-profit corporation by the Board of Trustees of NKC Hospital.

Does Meritas Health own North Kansas City Hospital?

Established in 1994, Meritas Health is a subsidiary of North Kansas City Hospital, a 451 licensed bed, acute care facility located in North Kansas City, Missouri. Meritas Health is the largest network of physician practices in the Northland.

Who is the CEO of North Kansas City Hospital?

Steve Reintjes Sr., MD | President & CEO Steve became the president and chief executive officer of North Kansas City Hospital and its physician network subsidiary, Meritas Health, in May 2020. He is a well-respected neurosurgeon and has been an engaged member of the NKCH medical staff for 30 years.

How many beds does North Kansas City Hospital have?

Today, North Kansas City Hospital is a 451-licensed bed, acute-care facility situated on 69 acres.

How many employees does North Kansas City Hospital have?

The hospital serves the community with 451 licensed beds, more than 3,000 employees, and 508 physicians representing 46 medical specialties.

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What trauma level is North Kansas City Hospital?

North Kansas City Hospital is a state-certified Level II Trauma Center. This designation means that in addition to providing life-saving care for critically injured patients, we have adequate facilities, specialized personnel, ongoing training for personnel, continuous self-monitoring and a desire to prevent trauma.

What hospitals are in North Kansas City?

39 Hospitals near North Kansas City, MO

  • North Kansas City Hospital.
  • Truman Medical Center Hospital Hill.
  • University Of Kansas Hospital.
  • Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City.
  • Children’s Mercy Adele Hall Campus.
  • Saint Luke’s North Hospital – Barry Road.
  • Research Medical Center.
  • Providence Medical Center.

What county is North Kansas City?

North Kansas City is a city in Clay County, Missouri, United States. It is also enclaved in Kansas City. Even though the name is similar to its larger counterpart, Kansas City, it is an independent municipality part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The population was 4,208 at the 2010 census.

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