Where Is Wilson Kansas?

What city is Wilson Lake in?

Wilson is a city in Ellsworth County, Kansas, United States. The community promotes itself as the “Czech Capital of Kansas” due to the role of Czech immigrant settlers in its early history. As of the 2010 census, the population of the city was 781.

Where is Wilson Lake located in Kansas?

Wilson Lake is located at 38°56′25″N 98°33′24″W (38.9401464, -98.5567638) at an elevation of 1,516 feet (462 m). It lies in north-central Kansas in the Smoky Hills region of the Great Plains. Most of Wilson Lake lies in Russell County with a small portion of its southeastern arm extending into Lincoln County.

Is Wilson Kansas Safe?

Is Wilson, KS Safe? The C grade means the rate of crime is about the same as the average US city. Wilson is in the 45th percentile for safety, meaning 55% of cities are safer and 45% of cities are more dangerous.

What is the cleanest lake in Kansas?

Located in Central Kansas just two hours from Wichita, Wilson Lake is one of the clearest lakes in Kansas. This beautiful lake defies Kansas stereotypes with rolling hills, canyons, red rock outcrops and sandy beaches.

What is there to do in Wilson Ks?

Attractions To See And Experience

  • Post Rock Scenic Byway. Wilson is at the south end of the Post Rock Scenic Byway.
  • Wilson Lake.
  • Wilson Lake Fishing Report.
  • Wilson Lake Area Association.
  • Switchgrass Mountain Bike Trail.
  • The Amazing 100 Miles.
  • Cheyenne Bottoms.
  • Kansas Wetlands Educational Center.
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What towns are in Woodson County KS?

The communities within its boundaries are Yates Center, Toronto, Neosho Falls and Piqua. Home to Cross Timbers State Park, Woodson State Lake and Yates Center Reservoir, Woodson County is a great county to fish, hunt and just enjoy the outdoors.As of July 2017, the population of Woodson County was 3,147.

How big is Lucas Kansas?

How does the 9,000-acre reservoir stay so clean and blue? The answer is thanks in part to an all-natural grassland drainage system that works as a 1,000+ acre filter!

What is the deepest part of Wilson Lake?

20 m

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