What Is E3 Southeast Kansas?

Where is the E3 ranch located?

Founded by retired MLB ballplayer Adam LaRoche and his family, the E3 Ranch is located in Fort Scott, Kansas.

How big is the E3 ranch in Kansas?

Today, the nearly 8,000-acre ranch provides beef to the two E3 Chophouse restaurants and supplies the E3 Meat Co., which ships hand-cut steaks directly to consumers.

What does E3 stand for Luke Bryan?

E3 is also the name of Adam LaRoche’s ranch in Kansas. That term stands for an error committed by a first baseman during a game. Luke explains, “That’s just his sense of humor that we would name his ranch, error on the first baseman.”

Who owns E3 meat?

“Rancher” Jake Gross Co -Founder / E3 Meat Co.

What does E3 ranch stand for?

Curious about the origin of the E3 name? You are in good company. Ranch owner, Adam LaRoche, a former major league first baseman, developed the logo in homage to his family baseball history.

What rifle does Adam LaRoche use?

The 2015-2016 line-up features Willie Robertson, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Adam LaRoche, Ryan Langerhans, and Tombo Martin to name a few. The Buck Commander crew and celebrity guests will hunt using the Model 783, Model 700, and Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloaders loaded with Barnes and Remington ammunition.

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Can you hunt at the E3 Ranch?

All Hunters will be required to bring their own rifles and ammunition (including ammo for wobble trap). Hunters will be required to be under the supervision of E3 guides during all hunting activities. We recommend a 12 or 20 gauge for dove hunts and minimum of 243 Winchester rifle for deer hunts.

Who owns E3 Steamboat?

E3 Chophouse Nashville is owned by the families of former professional baseball player Adam LaRoche, and country music stars Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. This will be the second E3 Chophouse location, after LaRoche and his brothers, Jeff and Andy, debuted a restaurant in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in 2013.

Who owns Buck Commander?

Willie Robertson is the CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander and star of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty”. Robertson has expanded his family companies, from a living room operation to a multi-million-dollar enterprise and destination for all things outdoors.

What restaurant does Jason Aldean?

TC RESTAURANT GROUP – LUKE’S 32 BRIDGE Food + Drink. TC Restaurant Group, with locations also in Pittsburgh, operates restaurant venues in the Nashville area including; FGL House, Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar, Sun Diner, Luigi’s City Pizza, Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa, Tequila Cowboy and Wanna B’s Karaoke Bar.

Where did the name E3 come from?

E3 (short for Electronic Entertainment Expo ) is a trade event for the video game industry.

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