Readers ask: Where Is Anthony Kansas?

Is there an Anthony Kansas?

County seat of Harper County, Kansas. Founded in 1878, Anthony was named for George T. Anthony, Governor of Kansas from 1876-1878. Anthony is located 55 miles southwest of Wichita, surrounded by beautiful wheat fields in the heart of Kansas.

What is in Anthony Kansas?

We invite you to explore the many things we love about our community: Abundant Retail Shopping, The Historic Anthony Theatre, The Historic Harper County Courthouse, Murals, Reflection Ridge Silhouettes, The Historical Anthony Museum, Veterans Memorial, 9-11 Memorial, Anthony Airport, 9-Hole Golf Course, Anthony Lake,

What county is Anthony KS in?

What is the zip code for Anthony KS?

ZIP Code 67003 Map, Demographics, More for Anthony, KS.

Who is the mayor of Anthony?

Murillo-Trujillo was elected Mayor of the City of Anthony in 2016. She brings a wealth of local government experience and perseverance to the Office of Mayor with 12 years of combined experience as Trustee, Mayor of the City of Anthony, and Doña Ana County Commissioner.

What county is Kingman KS?

Harvey County is part of the Ninth Judicial District, which also includes McPherson County.

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