Readers ask: What Is The Area Code For Kansas?

What is Wichita Kansas area code?

Kansas Area Code Map Kansas currently utilizes 4 area codes.

What area code is 816 from?

Area code 816 is the area code for Kansas City, St. Joseph, and all or part of 15 surrounding counties in northwestern Missouri.

What is Kansas City’s area code?

Indianapolis is the 317 area code, as the capital of the U.S. State of Indiana, in Marion County.

Where is area code 316 for cell phones?

Area code 316 is the telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the city of Wichita, Kansas, and surrounding communities. The area code was one of the original NANP area codes and formerly served all of southern Kansas.

What is the area code for Lawrence Kansas?

Area code 785

What area code is 314?

St. Louis is an independent city, meaning that it doesn’t belong to any county, and area code 314 includes the cities of Maryland Heights, Hazelwood, Saint Ann, and others as well. St. Louis is strategically located near other major cities in the Midwest and sits 248 miles from Kansas City and 296 miles from Chicago.

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What area code is 843 in USA?

The 843 area code generally covers the coastal region of South Carolina serving communities such as Charleston, Hilton Head, Beaufort, Myrtle Beach, and Florence. The new 854 area code will serve the same geographic area served by the existing 843 area code.

What area code is 815 belong to?

Area code 815 is a telephone area code for most of northern Illinois outside the Chicago and Quad Cities areas. It also serves many of the outer western, southwestern, and northwestern suburbs of Chicago. 815 was one of the four original Illinois area codes set up in 1947.

What area code is 704 belong to?

Charlotte, North Carolina is in the 704 and 980 area codes in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. A Charlotte area code is perfect for any business looking to expand in North Carolina.

What country code is 847?

Area codes 847 and 224 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the U.S. state of Illinois. The numbering plan area (NPA) comprises the northeastern part of Illinois and many northern suburbs of Chicago.

What area code is 702?

The 702 area code serves the Las Vegas area in Nevada, USA.

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