Quick Answer: Where Is Sedan, Kansas?

What county is Sedan KS?

In 1870, Thomas Scurr came into the valley with a load of lumber with which to build a store. He thought the area looked like his home in Sedan, France, therefore, he named it Sedan. In 1871, a post office was established in Sedan.

What is there to do in Sedan Kansas?

Best Places To Go Near You

  • Emmett Kelly Museum. 204 East Main Street.
  • Safari Zoological Park. 1751A CR 1425.
  • Little House on the Prairie Museum. 2507 CR 3000.
  • Independence Public Skate Park. Railroad Street.
  • Independence Historical Museum and Art Center.
  • Dalton Defenders Museum.
  • Timber Creek Wildlife Adventures.

Where is the longest yellow brick road in the world?

Sedan, Kansas – If you’re looking to experience a real-life version of the famous yellow brick road in “The Wizard of Oz,” head to the small town of Sedan — appropriately located in Kansas. The world’s longest yellow brick road is made up of 10,650 bricks that circle Sedan’s downtown area.

How do I find out who owns a property in Kansas?

The Real Estate Records Department in the County Clerk’s Office can provide ownership information, as well as various other property characteristics. The County Appraiser values each parcel of property for taxation purposes and maintains appraisal data in the County Tax System.

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Is there a yellow brick road in Kansas?

Sedan, Kansas: Yellow Brick Road Along Main St./US Hwy 166 between Douglas and Chautauqua Sts. Time has made the bricks appear a little less yellow, but this is still very cool. There is a section of bricks bought by celebrities that have their names on them, as well as veterans.

What is the zip code for Sedan Kansas?


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