Quick Answer: Where Is Hill City Kansas?

What county is Hill City KS?

13 miles / 21 km.

What is the elevation of Hill City Kansas?

Dodge City is located 150 miles west of Wichita in Southwest Kansas. This historic community of 28,159 is the seat of Ford county. Dodge City is famous for its rich history as a frontier cow town. The Santa Fe Railroad reached Dodge City in 1872.

What is the zip code for Hill City Kansas?

When this promised station stop failed to materialize in 1887, the town’s fortunes turned. Many moved away. Subsequent droughts did little to reinforce the idea of Nicodemus as an ideal place to settle, but even so, the town continued to grow until 1910, when approximately 400 people lived there.

Why is Nicodemus Kansas famous?

Nicodemus, Kansas is the only remaining western community established by African Americans after the Civil War. Having an important role in American History, the town symbolizes the pioneering spirit of these ex-slaves who fled the war-torn South in search of “real” freedom and a chance to restart their lives.

Why did exodusters move to Kansas?

Singleton, a former slave from Tennessee who had escaped to the north, returned to Tennessee after the Civil War with the dream of helping his fellow former slaves to improve their lives. Singleton encouraged his people to move to Kansas where they would be able to purchase land and establish a better life.

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What county is Norton Ks?

Norton County

What major bike trails run through Hill City?

One of the top ten most beautiful trails in the world, the 109 Mickelson Trail runs right through the center of Hill City and is easily traveled by foot or bike.

How old is Hill City South Dakota?

About 76 years

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