Quick Answer: When Is Squirrel Season In Kansas?

Is there a squirrel season in Kansas?

Squirrel — June 1-Feb. 28, 2021. Antelope — Archery: Sept. 19-27 and Oct.

Do you need a license to hunt squirrel in Kansas?

A hunting license or apprentice hunting license is required for those 16 and over. An unlicensed non-hunter can accompany a hunter and guide.

What is the limit on squirrels in Kansas?

Now, I knew full well there was a squirrel season in Kansas, but imagine my surprise to find it actually begins in June and runs statewide through the end of February. The daily bag limit is 5 squirrels and the possession limit is 20.

Can you shoot squirrels in Kansas?

In Kansas, you can hunt small game animals including squirrels, rabbits, bullfrogs and crow. However, you can usually only hunt during selected seasons. Squirrel hunting season usually takes place from June to February; you can bag five daily and possess no more than 20.

Is it illegal to trap squirrels in Kansas?

Species you can trap: Squirrel is considered a “fur animal” and may be trapped with possession of a hunting or trapping license, no bag limit or closed season. Shrew and mouse may be trapped, no bag limit or closed season. Raccoon and muridae rodents may be trapped, no bag limit or closed season.

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Can you hunt on your own land without a license in Kansas?

If you are resident and 75 years of age or older, you are not required to purchase a hunting license. Description of Landowner: A landowner is any resident who owns 80 acres or more of Kansas farm or ranch land. When applying for a landowner/tenant permit, land owned must be in the unit applying for.

How much does a Kansas hunting license cost?

The one-time purchase, multi-year youth hunting OR fishing license is $42.50, multi-year hunting/fishing combination license is $72.50.

How many deer can I shoot in Kansas?

Kansas deer hunting regulations allow only one buck per permit, but a number of antlerless deer permits may be purchased by an individual.

What kind of animals are in Kansas?

Here are some of the most common species of concern in Kansas.

  • Beaver.
  • Birds.
  • Blackbirds.
  • Chipmunks.
  • Cottontail Rabbits.
  • Coyotes.
  • Crows.
  • Deer.

What can be hunted right now?

Hunting in California

  • Deer.
  • Bighorn Sheep.
  • Waterfowl.
  • Small Game Mammals.
  • Nongame, Furbearers.

What squirrels are in Kansas?

Kansas has three species of tree squirrels. Gray squirrels, fox squirrels and southern flying squirrels inhabit various areas of the state. Gray and fox squirrels are the main nuisance animals in urban areas.

Can you hunt deer at night in Kansas?

SHAWNEE, Kan. — Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism commissioners passed a regulation change that will allow hunters to use artificial light, night vision and thermal-imaging equipment when hunting coyotes at night beginning in 2021. 1, 2021, and can be purchased for $2.50.

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