Quick Answer: How To Renew Cna License In Kansas?

How do I reinstate my CNA license in Kansas?

Visit http://www.kdads.ks.gov. Then select “Health Occupations Credentialing”. Finally, click on “Online Renewal”.

How do I renew my CNA license?

How to Renew Your CNA License

  1. Understand the Prerequisites.
  2. Complete and Submit a CNA License Renewal Application.
  3. Provide Verification of Employment and Continuing Education.
  4. Pay Your Renewal Fees.
  5. Know What to Do if You Can’t Renew Your CNA License.

How do you check if my CNA license is active in Kansas?

For you to verify your CNA status in Kansas, arrive on the “Health Occupations Credentialing” and under “Certification (CNA, HHA, CMA) Information and Forms” click on Nurse Aide. Then, click on “Kansas Nurse Aide Registry.” This will take you to a search tool that will allow you to check your CNA status.

Do Cnas have to recertify?

CNA Recertification is the process of renewing your nursing assistant certification. All states require the renewal process to be done every two years. The renewal has to be done before the last day of your birth month.

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How long does it take to get a Kansas CNA license?

Program Length: Generally much faster to complete than an LPN or RN training program, CNA training programs take between 4 and 12 weeks to complete. In Kansas, CNA training programs include 90 hours of training, which includes hands-on clinical experience as well as classroom instruction.

What does an inactive CNA mean?

The inactive status maintains the license as current for the renewal period. If the RN chooses to return to active status during the renewal period, proof of completion of 30 contact hours must be submitted. An inactive license means that the fees have been paid, but the required continuing education has not been met.

Can you renew your CNA after it expires?

As a certified nursing assistant, your credentials are only valid for a certain amount of time. Typically, they are valid for two years from the date that they were issued. If you want to continue working as a CNA after that time, you must complete the renewal process before your credentials expire.

How do I check my CNA status?

Contact the Office. If your state’s CNA registry isn’t available online, you can call or visit the office to make an enquiry. A representative can check for your current status with your name, date of birth and certificate number. You may have to show a picture ID at the office to prove your identity.

Is Kansas a compact nursing license state?

Kansas has become the 30th member of the eNLC with the signing of the bill by Gov. Kansas’ eNLC implementation date is July 1, 2019. “Kansas is pleased to be the 30th state to pass legislation to join the eNLC.

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How do I change my name on my CNA license in Kansas?

How does a Nurse Aide submit a name change request/correction? A. A Nurse Aide will need to fill out the Name/Address change form. Once completed the nurse aide will need to mail or fax the Name/Address change form along with documentation reflecting the current name.

How long can you work as a CNA without certification?

Working Without Certification In some states, you can work up to sixteen weeks without certification. Some employers also hire individuals while they are still in a CNA training program if they have completed at least 16 hours of the program and intend to sit for and pass the certification exam.

Can I take my CNA test online?

There are two parts to the CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) exam: written and clinical. Studying for the written part of the exam can be done by working through practice exams found online.

Where do I send my CNA renewal form?

Mail To: Return completed, original form to: Center for Aide Regulation and Education, 2709 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, N.C. 27699-2709.

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