Question: Where Is Perry Kansas?

What county is Perry KS?

Is lake Perry man made?

The reservoir is operated by the United States Army Corps of Engineers serving not only as a water reserve, but also as a very popular recreational area. Located at an altitude of 272 meters, the artificial lake has a surface area of 45 km2 and 257 kilometers of shoreline.

What is the zip code for Perry Kansas?

Water Sports Two designated swim beaches are located at Perry Lake. The Corps of Engineers maintains the Perry Park Swim Beach, adjacent to Perry Yacht and Marina. Perry State Park maintains a swimming beach within their camping area.

Is there a town under Perry Lake?

Old Town Campground is situated near the north end of Perry Lake. The campground is popular with those who enjoy fishing and peaceful, quiet camping. CAMPGROUND GATE POLICY–Park entrance gates will be closed from 10pm-6am Friday/Saturday nights and the entirety of holiday weekends.

Do you have to pay to get into Hillsdale Lake?

The Kansas State Park System operates the Fee program at Hillsdale Lake. State Park Vehicle Permits are required for all vehicles entering park areas. Annual vehicle permits are available through the State Park Office. Camping fees and utilities can be paid at camp host sites within the park.

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What is the clearest lake in Kansas?

What Are the Clearest Lakes in Kansas?

  • Crawford County, Mined Land Wildlife Area – Mined Land Lake 17; 13.1 feet of clarity.
  • Crawford County, Mined Land Wildlife Area – Mined Land Lake 04; 12.3 feet.
  • Crawford County, Mined Land Wildlife Area – Mined Land Lake 27; 12.3 feet.

What is the only natural lake in Kansas?

Natural lakes are rare in Kansas and are much smaller than the state’s reservoirs. The largest natural lake is McPherson County’s Lake Inman in central Kansas. It covers about 160 acres and is on private property. In comparison, the largest reservoir, Milford Lake near Junction City, covers 15,709 acres.

What’s the biggest man made lake in Kansas?

It is fed by the Republican River and collects water from throughout the Milford Lake Watershed. It covers over 15,700 acres and includes over 33,000 acres of protected land for recreational and hunting use.

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