Question: Where Is Osawatomie, Kansas?

What is Osawatomie KS known for?

Recognized nationally as the “Cradle of the Civil War,” Osawatomie is steeped in American history and traces its roots back to 1854, when abolitionists laid claim to the territory.

What river flows near the town of Osawatomie?

Osawatomie, city, Miami county, eastern Kansas, U.S. It lies along the Marais des Cygnes River at the mouth of Pottawatomie Creek; its name combines elements of the words Osage and Pottawatomie.

What county is Osawatomie KS in?

The town of Osawatomie, Kansas was founded by abolitionist settlers associated with the New England Emigrant Aid Company in 1854 and named after two Native American tribes in the area: the Osage and Pottawatomie.

What does the name Osawatomie mean?

Osawatomie is a city in Miami County, Kansas, United States, 61 miles (98 km) southwest of Kansas City. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 4,447. It derives its name from two streams nearby, the Osage and Potawatomie.

What is zip code for Osawatomie Kansas?

Marais des Cygnes River, river flowing through east-central Kansas and west-central Missouri, U.S. It rises near Eskridge, Kansas, and flows nearly 220 miles (355 km) eastward into Missouri, where it joins the Little Osage River to form the Osage River.

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What happened in the Marais de Cygnes Massacre?

On May 19, 1858, proslavery men killed five free-state men and wounded five others in a ravine that is now listed as a National Historic Landmark. The massacre, which followed earlier guerrilla warfare activities, on both sides, shocked the nation and became a pivotal event in the “Bleeding Kansas” era.

Who was Hugh Forbes John Brown?

Forbes was a former British soldier that had fought in the European revolutions in 1848-49. He had fought under Garibaldi in Italy, and after the failed effort had ended up a silk merchant in Florence. Forbes had left his wife and family behind in Italy around 1855 seeking his fortune in America.

What did John Brown do in Osawatomie?

John Brown led Free State Forces at the Battle of Black Jack on May 2, 1856. Though he was outnumbered four to one, won the battle against pro-slavery forces. It was later in May 1856 that his most noted adventure in Kansas occurred.

What did Brown do to try and capture the arsenal at Harpers Ferry?

Abolitionist John Brown leads a small group on a raid against a federal armory in Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now West Virginia), in an attempt to start an armed revolt of enslaved people and destroy the institution of slavery.

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