Question: Where Is Mclouth Kansas?

What county is McLouth Kansas?

When was McLouth ks founded?

McLouth was founded in the 1880s. It was named for Amos McLouth, the original owner of the town site. The first post office in McLouth was established in May 1882.

What is the zip code for mclouth Kansas?

Mask Mandate now becomes a recommendation for Jefferson County, except in county offices.

What town is under Perry Lake?

While “The Kaw” or Kansas River forms its southern boundary, the largest river in Jefferson County is the Delaware. The greater portion of the Delaware is now absorbed by Perry Lake with headwaters at Valley Falls. The Perry Lake reservoir inundated the original town of Ozawkie.

What county is Lake Perry in Kansas?

Located on the Delaware River in Jefferson County, Perry Lake is the fourth largest lake in the state of Kansas. The Delaware River and its tributaries Slough Creek, Rock Creek, and Evans Creek provide the inflow and valleys that form the lake area.

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