Question: What County Is Hutchinson Kansas In?

Is Hutchinson Kansas Safe?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Hutchinson is 1 in 28. Based on FBI crime data, Hutchinson is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Kansas, Hutchinson has a crime rate that is higher than 94% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

What is Hutchinson KS known for?

Hutchinson is the largest city and county seat in Reno County, Kansas, United States, and located on the Arkansas River. It has been home to salt mines since 1887, thus its nickname of “Salt City”, but locals call it “Hutch”.

What region is Hutchinson in?

Hutchinson, city, seat (1872) of Reno county, south-central Kansas, U.S. Hutchinson lies on the Arkansas River. It was founded by C.C.

Is Hutchinson Kansas a good place to live?

Hutchinson is a nice sized town that isn’t too small and isn’t too big. The town is close to a bigger city (Wichita) to go shop, dine or find entertainment that you can’t find in Hutchinson. There is not much to do in Hutchinson, Kansas. Overall it is not a bad town but there are many improvements that could be made.

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What is the crime rate in Wichita Kansas?

The state had a total crime rate of 29.7 per 1,000 people, violent crime rate of 4.7 and property crime of 25. Wichita’s totals were 63.8, 13.5 and 50.3. Kansas City was 61, 8.1 and 52.9.

Where is the largest grain elevator in the world?

Creator: Colourpicture Publishers, Inc. Summary: This is a postcard showing the world’s largest grain elevator in Hutchinson, Kansas. The elevator holds 17 million bushels of grain, is 1/2 mile in length, and owned by the Farmers CO-OP Commission.

What Kansas is known for?

The State of Kansas. Welcome to Kansas, nicknamed the Sunflower State, but also known as the Jayhawk State, the Midway State, and the Wheat State. This region of plains and prairie is the breadbasket of the country, growing more wheat than any other state in the union.

How much does it cost to get into the Hutchinson Zoo?

What is the cost of admission? The Hutchinson Zoo is free, but a suggested donation of $2 per person or $5 per family helps fun zoo improvements..

What county is Kingman KS?

Harvey County is part of the Ninth Judicial District, which also includes McPherson County.

How big is Hutchinson Kansas?

“Duane has impeccable credentials following a four-decade career with health-care systems and is a perfect match for Hutch Regional,” said Ken Johnson, president and CEO of the parent company.

Who was Hutchinson KS named after?

Reno County was named for Major-General Jesse Lee Reno who fought in the Civil War and died in the line of duty at the Battle of South Mountain in Maryland in 1862. Hutchinson is the county seat and the largest city in the county. Hutchinson was named after its founder, Clinton Carter Hutchinson.

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