Question: How Much Does A Phlebotomist Make In Kansas?

Do phlebotomists make good money?

Becoming a phlebotomist can provide you with a competitive salary when it comes to an entry-level position. On average, phlebotomists make about $16 an hour. Annually, that’s almost $33,000 each year. Several factors can help a phlebotomist get a pay raise.

What state has the highest paid phlebotomist?

Best-Paying States for Phlebotomists The states and districts that pay Phlebotomists the highest mean salary are California ($45,940), District of Columbia ($43,820), New York ($42,950), Alaska ($42,100), and Washington ($41,380).

Is it worth becoming a phlebotomist?

Is being a phlebotomist worth it? Being a phlebotomist can be a rewarding career choice. People in this career enjoy job stability, are able to help others every day and are able to enter this career with very little required education or training.

Is it hard to get a job as a phlebotomist?

The good news is it’s relatively easy to get certified as a phlebotomist. It only takes a few extra weeks of training. Once you’ve completed those weeks, you’ll be able to take a phlebotomy certification exam. Certification alone may not be enough to get you hired by a medical facility.

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Can you live off a phlebotomist salary?

The numbers show that the average annual salary for phlebotomy technicians is $32,710, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But this is just an average! As everything else in life, if you are ready and willing to work hard for it, you can achieve anything.

Who gets paid more a CNA or phlebotomist?

Salary. Phlebotomy technicians tend to make more than certified nursing assistants. In 2010, half of all phlebotomists earned at least $13.50 an hour, or $28,080 a year, according to a survey by the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

Who makes more money medical assistant or phlebotomist?

Medical assistants earn, on average, $15.61 per hour, whereas phlebotomists earn $17.61 per hour. However, unlike phlebotomists, medical assistants are able to earn more as they gain experience and become specialized in area of medicine, like pediatrics or cardiology.

Do phlebotomist work 12 hour shifts?

Phlebotomist will provide service on a varying schedule, which might include 8 hour or 12 hour shifts.

What is the hardest part of being a phlebotomist?

Phlebotomists have a challenging job that requires knowledge, dedication, and amazing attention to detail. Not all sticks and draws go smoothly, even for the most experienced phlebotomists. Different patients can present unique challenges, and communication across units sometimes isn’t as clear as it could be.

What are the cons of being a phlebotomist?


  • Exposure to pathogens.
  • Risk of Needlestick injuries.
  • Long Work hours.
  • Encounters with Angry and rude people.
  • Some people may be hard sticks.
  • The low margin of error.
  • How is your bedside manner?
  • Long hours of standing.
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How do I get a phlebotomy job with no experience?

The qualifications you need to get a phlebotomy job with no experience include training and patient care skills. There are several ways to start on this career path; one option is to enroll in a phlebotomy program at a vocational school.

What to Know Before becoming a phlebotomist?

7 Things That Every Phlebotomist Should Know

  • Dealing with Nervous Patients. While many patients simply don’t like needles, some have an intense phobia of them.
  • Finding Veins.
  • Answering Difficult Questions.
  • HIV and Bloodborne Pathogen Training.
  • Privacy Laws and Workplace Policies.
  • Getting a Salary Boost.

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