Question: Doctors In Kansas Who Prescribe Phentermine?

Will my doctor prescribe me Phentermine?

It’s a controlled substance due to its chemical similarities to the stimulant amphetamine — making it available only with a prescription. Your doctor may prescribe phentermine if you’re obese, meaning that your body mass index (BMI) is greater than or equal to 30.

How do you qualify for Phentermine?

We prescribe Phentermine for qualifying adults 18-64 years old with a BMI of 27 or greater. Qualifying patients ages 65-69 years of age may be treated with the smaller dosing (18.75 mg daily) and qualifying 16 and 17-year-olds can be treated with a parent’s permission.

Can you get phentermine through telehealth?

You may choose how to receive your Phentermine! Either have your prescription phoned into your local pharmacy at your cost, OR have it shipped to your home by 2-3 day tracked delivery for an additional $20 (includes prescription cost).

Is phentermine a narcotic?

Phentermine: an appetite-suppressant amphetamine classified as a narcotic in France.

What drug is similar to phentermine?

Contrave (naltrexone/bupropion) and phentermine are two medications that are used with a reduced-calorie diet and exercise regimen to aid in weight loss. Although both medications have similar effectiveness, they work in different ways.

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How much do I have to weigh to get phentermine?

The bottom line. You should only take phentermine or weight loss if you are obese—with a body mass index (BMI) of over 30 —or a BMI of over 27 if have another serious medical condition caused by obesity, like diabetes or hypertension.

Who is a good candidate for phentermine?

Am I a candidate for ADIPEX? ADIPEX and other weight-loss medications are intended for people who are obese or have health problems related to being overweight, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

How much weight can you lose in a month on phentermine?

After returning can you lose 20 pounds in a month on phentermine Approved by FDA can you lose 20 pounds in a month on phentermine Approved by FDA from the Northeast, the first thing I how many calories to maintain weight Lose Weight Pill did was to break up with Zhu Zhu.

Can an online doctor prescribe me phentermine?

Phentermine 30-day supply prescription can be obtained after doing through Telehealth appointment with Olivera Health + Wellness. As per many states in the US, different laws are applied to Telemedicine doctors. Because it is governed by the same board that oversees regular physicians and what they do online.

Does insurance cover phentermine?

About Phentermine It is more popular than comparable drugs. It is available in generic and brand versions. It is not covered by most Medicare and insurance plans, but pharmacy coupons can help offset the cost.

How can I get a prescription online?

While you cannot simply order a prescription online, you can meet with an online doctor to get medication prescribed online. In order to receive prescription medication, you must first consult with a medical doctor. This can be done online via phone or video chat.

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What will phentermine test positive for?

Taking phentermine can result in a false positive urine test for amphetamines.

Can phentermine make you feel high?

Phentermine is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and reaches peak concentrations in the blood in three to 4.4 hours, by which time you should start feeling the effects, alerting you that the drug is working. The short-term effects of Adipex may include: Decreased appetite. Euphoria.

Can you take 2 phentermine a day?

Do not take two doses at one time. Seek emergency medical attention or call the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222. An overdose of phentermine can be fatal.

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