Often asked: How To Get Kansas Car Title?

How do I get a copy of my car title in Kansas?

If you prefer to apply in person you can do so at the Kansas County Treasurer’s Office. You will need the Application for Duplicate/Secured/Reissued Title (Form TR-720B), your vehicle make, vehicle year, VIN, current odometer reading, and the owner’s name. The fee for a lost title is $10.

How do I get my car title in Kansas after lien Release?

How do I apply for a secured title? If you have a clear Kansas paper title or lien release from a previous lender in your possession, you will need to surrender it to the lien holder and complete and sign an application for secured title, form TR-720B.

Can I get a copy of my car title online?

Complete an application for the duplicate certificate of title, which is available online at your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles’ website or at your local DMV office. Check with the local DMV to find out what forms of identification are acceptable proofs of identity.

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How do you get a title for a car with a bill of sale in Kansas?

How to Get a Kansas Title With Only a Bill of Sale

  1. Bring the bill of sale to your local county treasurer’s motor vehicle office if the antique vehicle is model year 1949 or earlier.
  2. Take your antique car to a local Kansas Highway Patrol office to get a VIN inspection done if the vehicle is model year 1950 or later.

Can you get a duplicate car title the same day in Kansas?

Take the pink copy of the MVE-1, proof of insurance and the salvage title application receipt back to the county treasurer’s motor vehicle office and make application for a rebuilt salvage title. This may all be done on the same day.

Can you sell a car without a title in Kansas?

In order to sell a car in Kansas, you need a certificate of title. In the event there is a lien on the title, you’ll need a lien release before you can successfully apply for a replacement title. Click here for additional information! You cannot sell a car here in Kansas without a car title.

How do I get my title after paying off my car?

Once you make the final payment on your auto loan, you have a right to obtain a lien release from the lienholder. When you get a lien released, the release allows you to obtain a clear title from the DMV. Once your car loan is paid in full, notify your insurance company of the change of ownership.

Can someone else register my car at the DMV?

For some vehicle registration or title certificate transactions, another person can bring your application to a DMV office. The DMV website has instructions for another person to bring your vehicle application to a DMV office.

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Can you get a duplicate car title the same day?

If your vehicle title is lost, you may replace it by processing a replacement title application at a Secretary of State branch office. If you need your title sooner, instant (same-day) title service is available at all branch offices. Instant title service requires the vehicle owner to appear in person.

Can I sell my car with an electronic title?

You always have the option to sell your car, but there is often extra effort required when you have an e-title. If you sell or trade your car to a dealership, they will usually handle the electronic title transfer without a problem through access granted to them by the DMV.

Can you register a car without a title in Kansas?

Motor vehicles cannot be legally operated without a title. Kansas law also requires a vehicle to be registered with display of a tag or plate along with the corresponding decals. Newly purchased vehicles must be registered within 60 days of the purchase of the vehicle.

Does a bill of sale need to be notarized in Kansas?

In general, Kansas does not require bills of sale, title assignments, and applications to be notarized. However, it has the right to request notarization in “unusual circumstances,” such as if document information is incomplete or questionable.

How do I get my electronic title for my car Kansas?

For Titles Being Held Electronically (E-Title) If the title is an e-title and you want to get a 60 day permit, you must have an Electronic Title Sales Agreement, Form TR-39A, a copy of the Seller’s Current Registration Receipt and current proof of insurance.

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