How Many Students Go To Kansas State University?

How many students does Kansas State University have?

Overview of Kansas State University It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 17,210, its setting is city, and the campus size is 664 acres. It utilizes a semester-based academic calendar. Kansas State University’s ranking in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #170.

How many students live on campus at Kansas State University?

“K-State first-year, full-time students living on campus average higher GPAs, stay in school in higher numbers, and graduate faster.” For the 2020-21 school year, 3,501 students, or 16.8% of the total enrollment amount of 20,854, lived on campus.

How many international students are at Kansas State University?

Kansas State University reports having a total of 1,649 international students on campus, 828 of whom are undergraduates. This is out of a total of 22,221 students, 17,869 of whom are undergraduates.

How much is Kansas State Tuition?

The State of Kansas. Welcome to Kansas, nicknamed the Sunflower State, but also known as the Jayhawk State, the Midway State, and the Wheat State. This region of plains and prairie is the breadbasket of the country, growing more wheat than any other state in the union.

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Are freshmen required to live on campus at Kansas State?

K-State is not alone in its first-year residency requirement. The university will join all other Kansas Regents institutions, with the exception of the University of Kansas, in requiring freshmen students to live on campus.

What is the acceptance rate for Kansas university?

Kansas State University has students from more than 100 countries and is proud of its international student body. As an international student, your application for admission to K-State must meet the same academic standards for admission as those required of native students.

Is GRE required for Kansas State University?

In order to help evaluate your abilities to succeed in our program, we highly recommend GRE scores be submitted; however they are not required. The GRE code for Kansas State University is 6334, the code for the Statistics Department is 0704.

What are the admission requirements for Kansas State University?

Admission to the university is test-optional and requires achieving EITHER: A cumulative high school GPA (weighted or unweighted) of 3.25 or higher OR. ACT composite score of 21, or an SAT ERW+M score of 1060 or higher.

What is the racial makeup of Kansas?

Kansas Demographics White: 84.38% Black or African American: 5.85% Two or more races: 3.45% Asian: 2.95%

What percentage of Kansas State University is black?

The enrolled student population at Kansas State University, both undergraduate and graduate, is 75.7% White, 7.31% Hispanic or Latino, 3.33% Two or More Races, 3.23% Black or African American, 1.8% Asian, 0.474% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0.115% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders.

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How many employees does Kansas State University have?

Kansas State University employees take pride in making a difference in nearly 21,000 lives at the nation’s first operational land-grant university.

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