FAQ: Where Is Beloit Kansas?

What is there to do in Beloit Kansas?


  • Mitchell County Courthouse – Main & Hersey (NHR)
  • St. John’s Catholic Church – 701 E Court (NHR)
  • Mitchell County Museum – 402 W 8th.
  • First Presbyterian Church Bell – ​321 E Main St,
  • Little Red Schoolhouse – Hwy 24 (NHR)
  • General Store Antiques & Museum.
  • Trojan Stadium – WPA work project.
  • Chautauqua Park.

How big is Beloit Kansas?

The town site of Beloit was first settled by A.A. Bell in 1868 with the idea of improving the water power and for some time was known as Willow Springs. Beloit is named after Beloit, Wisconsin, the native home of a first settler. To this date, downtown Beloit has been hit with a tornado only once, in November 1922.

What county is Beloit?

The north central Kansas city of Beloit is the Mitchell County seat. Beloit’s historical limestone buildings downtown, and the nearby county courthouse, St. John’s Catholic Church, and the First Presbyterian Church, are a tribute to the early settlers of the Post Rock area.

What is the elevation of Beloit Kansas?

Cloud County is located in North Central Kansas and is named in honor of Colonel William F. Cloud. Founded on March 27, 1867, its county seat and most populous city is Concordia.

Is Waconda Lake man made?

Waconda Lake The construction of the dam on the Smoky Hill River in 1964 drowned the spring in the reservoir and forces a health spa located along the spring to close down. The reservoir was created with the purpose of supplying waters for irrigation and flood control.

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What county is Norton Ks?

Norton County

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