FAQ: How Far Is Arrowhead Stadium From Kansas City Airport?

What airport is near Arrowhead Stadium?

The distance between Kansas City Airport (MCI) and Arrowhead Stadium is 21 miles.

How far is Arrowhead Stadium from downtown?

How far is it from Downtown Kansas City to Arrowhead Stadium? The distance between Downtown Kansas City and Arrowhead Stadium is 6 miles.

Can you uber into Arrowhead Stadium?

The Chiefs and zTrip have a deal that allows fans to be dropped off and picked up on the east side of Arrowhead Stadium. Fans who use other methods (such as Lyft and Uber) will be picked up and dropped off at the Missouri Welcome Center located between Gates 1 and 2, per the team’s website.

Is Kansas City Airport in Kansas or Missouri?

Kansas City International Airport (KCI) was built by the City of Kansas City, Missouri and opened in 1972. Its low congestion and small number of flight delays have long established it as one of the most appealing commercial airports in the world.

What is KC airport code?

Tailgating at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium is a long-standing tradition and is permitted in all parking lots at the Truman Sports Complex. Parking is for ticketed guests only, and the club reserves the right to confirm that guests have tickets prior to allowing them into parking lots.

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Does Arrowhead Stadium have real grass?

“We are responsible for the stadium field, the practice fields, which are the two outdoor natural-grass fields and one artificial turf field, along with an indoor artificial field,” Jay Warnick, Sports Field Manager, said. The field at Arrowhead Stadium is a completely different animal, however.

What is the new name for Arrowhead Stadium?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — GEHA (that’s G-E-H-A) Field at Arrowhead Stadium. That’s officially the new name for the home of the Kansas City Chiefs. The team held a ceremony to unveil new signage at the stadium Thursday and celebrate the new naming rights partnership with GEHA.

Is the area around Arrowhead Stadium safe?

The Legends area there has lots of shopping, restaurants and a movie theater, etc. It isn’t a high crime area if that is what you are asking. You would be perfectly safe staying there.

Where should I stay for a Chiefs game?

If you’re looking to stay right near the stadium, a few key options make gameday fun safe and easy thanks to convenient walkability:

  • Adam’s Mark Hotel & Conference Center.
  • Drury Inn & Suites KC Stadium.
  • Best Western Premier Kansas City Sports Complex Hotel.

Where is Gate 5 at Arrowhead Stadium?

Gate 5 is located west of Arrowhead Stadium on Lancer Lane. It can be accessed from I-435 or Raytown Road. This is a popular Gate for many fans coming from the Kansas side.

Can you bring water into Arrowhead Stadium?

Speaking of things that aren’t allowed, things like food, weapons, noisemakers, laser pointers and fireworks are banned at Arrowhead. Fans are still allowed to bring sealed water bottles, blankets, small umbrellas, signs and flags.

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How many cars can park at Arrowhead Stadium?

One vehicle per one parking space. Parking lots open 4.5 hours prior to kickoff unless otherwise communicated. Parking is for ticketed guests only, and the club reserves the right to confirm that guests have tickets prior to allowing them into parking lots.

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