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Missouri Legislature Sends Measure to Reform Unaccredited Schools to the Governor’s Desk

This just in from the Missouri Senate Majority Caucus Communications Director: Legislature Sends Measure To Reform Unaccredited Schools to the Governor’s Desk Bill Also Streamlines Missouri Tenure Laws JEFFERSON CITY— During the recently concluded legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly sent the Governor a measure aimed at helping students in failing school districts. This legislation, Senate Bill … Continue reading

Mars and Male Anatomy

Usually my daughter eats a hot lunch at school, but today I had to pack a sack lunch for her to take on a field trip. Her class is going to hear a talk at the Kauffman Center sponsored by National Geographic. The speaker is Kobie Boykins, a NASA engineer working with the Mars missions. … Continue reading

Second Thoughts: High School Rankings Revisited

A couple of years ago, when I started publishing the KC Education Enterprise, I dashed off a little article about some local entries on a national list of “America’s Best High Schools.” At the time, I was new to blogging and thought of such posts as ephemeral. But this story is like a ghost. It continues … Continue reading


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