Grandview School Board Member Bob Stewart Resigns

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Grandview School District’s Board of Education will be posting a “Help Wanted” sign. Board member Bob Stewart has resigned.

According to Superintendent Ralph Teran, “Bob Stewart resigned due to moving out of school district.”

In addition to serving on the board, Stewart had been a teacher in the district for three decades.

Board policy governing resignations specifies that:

If a vacancy occurs on the Board of Education, the remaining members shall appoint a person to serve until the next school board election, when a director shall be elected for the unexpired term. …

When it becomes necessary for the Board of Education to appoint one or more members to the Board of Education, the following procedures will be used:

►          Notification Process — The fact that a vacancy exists or will exist will be announced at the next Board meeting. Local newspapers will also be notified. In a case of resignation, a vacancy shall be declared to exist when the Board of Education votes to accept a member’s letter of resignation. In a case of removal from office, a vacancy shall be declared to exist when the secretary of the Board certifies to the Board that a vacancy exists. Residents wishing to be appointed to the vacancy shall make their desire known by sending a letter to the secretary of the Board stating their qualifications and their reason for wishing to be on the Board. A period of not less than two (2) weeks from the date of the announcement will be allowed for receipt of these letters.

►          Review/Interview Process — The letters received will be reviewed by the Board of Education at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting, or at a special meeting called for that purpose. The Board may select final candidates from the applicants, and these individuals will be interviewed in open session at a regular or special meeting of the Board.

►          Selection Process — The appointment(s) will be made in open session at the next Board meeting held subsequent to the interview process. Appointments shall be made through a formal motion and seconded, and an affirmative vote by a majority of the Board. This vote must be held in open session.


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