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Mass Production Desires To Produce Mass — Part 7 of Stop Stealing Dreams (What is School For?)

by Seth Godin If you missed Part 6, click HERE. 7. Mass production desires to produce mass That statement seems obvious, yet it surprises us that schools are oriented around the notion of uniformity. Even though the workplace and civil society demand variety, the industrialized school system works to stamp it out. The industrialized mass … Continue reading

Hickman Mills: Educating For A Lifetime of Success?

Hickman Mills is the only one of the 28 districts in the Kansas City metropolitan area placing a metal detector log sheet and police report on the agenda of every board of education meeting. That same board chose to honor students at only six of their monthly meetings last year. Earlier this month, Missouri’s State … Continue reading

UPDATED 9/25/2012: Worst SAT Scores Ever May Be A Good Thing

WARNING: Because different percentages and types of students take the SAT in each state, it is not possible to reliably compare scores. And policy makers should not base high-stakes decisions on such a comparison. With that warning out of the way, here’s the scoop: SAT scores for last spring’s graduating class are out, and they … Continue reading

September School Board Reports — Week 3

Both state boards of education and eight local school boards met last week. Kansas State Board of Education Highlights: Discussed educational issues state board members might like to recommend to the 2013 state legislature. Considered establishing a joint council with the Kansas Board of Regents that would meet annually to coordinate action on interests that … Continue reading

Provisional Accreditation: Hickman Mills Downgraded By State Board of Education

THIS JUST IN FROM THE HICKMAN MILLS SCHOOL DISTRICT: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sept. 18, 2012 DISTRICT RECEIVES PROVISIONAL ACCREDITATION FROM STATE Members of the State Board of Education approved the recommendation of Commissioner of Education Dr. Chris Nicastro and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and gave the Hickman Mills C-1 School District provisional … Continue reading

Originally posted on 20 Pounds Of Headlines:
KANSAS CITY, MO. — U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan is heading to Kansas City to lead a town hall meeting on education and the Hispanic community. The event takes place Tuesday evening at the Penn Valley campus of Metropolitan Community College. Duncan will be joined by several White House…

September School Board Reports — Week 2

Seventeen local school boards met last week. Kansas Basehor-Linwood Highlights: Heard a School Resource Officer update Heard an enrollment update (School funding is based on enrollment) Considered proposed changes to district policies Blue Valley Highlights: Approved a name for the 143rd Street campus. It will be known as the Blue Valley Hilltop Campus. Acquisition of … Continue reading

Needs Improvement: National Business Leaders Assess STEM Education In Metro Area

Public schools in both Kansas and Missouri plan to improve science and math education but have yet to make those plans a reality, according to a report released this week by a non-profit coalition of national and international business leaders. Summarizing their opinion of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in both states, the … Continue reading

UPDATED: Spanking in Schools: Is It Legal in the KC Metro Area?

Corporal punishment in U.S. public schools was a featured topic on today’s Talk of the Nation program on National Public Radio. The program participants brought up the fact that in 19 states, it is still legal to spank students. The rest of the states have laws against such corporal punishment. Let’s test your knowledge about … Continue reading

September School Board Reports — Week 1

Three local school boards met last week. Kansas Bonner Springs Highlights: Received information the district’s semiannual debt-service payment for school bonds and interest Turner Highlights: Approving $25,000 to purchase novels for grades 4-12. “[I]n grade levels with iPad accessibility electronic books were selected. It is also necessary to purchase books at the high school level … Continue reading


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