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“Mom, Can I Really Tell My Teachers This Homework Is Against My Religion?”

Art Credit: AyukiUtau on Deviant Art aka My Daughter (who would like to thank Magica Quartet for the character inspiration)

Act 1, Scene 1: Our dining room over dinner last Wednesday, the day after Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved adding Amendment 2 to our state’s constitution

ME: Wow! I can’t believe so many people voted for that amendment. I don’t think a lot of them really understood what they were voting for. I read an exit interview with one woman who said she’d voted “Yes,” because “Prayer is a nice thing.”

HUSBAND: Yeah, I think you’re right. There’s going to be lots of school kids getting religion.


HUSBAND: Well, according this new amendment, kids can now refuse to do school work if they say it violates their religion. There’s going to be lots of kids saying they don’t want to study evolution now.

ME: And yet they’re still going to be required to answer questions about it on state tests that let people know how well their schools are doing educating them.

Act 1, Scene 2: My daughter’s room at bedtime

ME: Good night, sweetie.

DAUGHTER (looking thoughtful): Mom?

ME: Yes?

DAUGHTER: Can I really tell my teachers that homework is against my religion?

ME (after pondering this question a moment): Sure. Your dad and I would understand why. We’d probably even think it’s funny.

DAUGHTER (mischievous grin lighting up her face): Really?!

ME: But we’d make you do the homework anyway.

DAUGHTER (looking disappointed): Oh, okay. Goodnight, Mom.

ME (kissing her forehead): Goodnight, my love.

Scene 1, Act 1: A classroom in a public school near you

STUDENT (raising his hand): Teacher?


STUDENT: I don’t want to do this assignment. It’s against my religion.

To be continued …


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JoLynne is a journalist and educator. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Kansas and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Park University and is certified to teach high school journalism and English. Former employment includes work for Cable News Network and the University of Missouri-Kansas City in addition to freelancing for clients such as the Kansas City Star and The Pitch.


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