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Originally posted on 20 Pounds Of Headlines:
The Associated Press reports the Missouri supreme Court has ruled in favor of keeping three major petition initiative issues on the Missouri November ballot. The AP reports, “The Supreme Court soundly rejected a variety of challenges to the summaries and financial estimates prepared by state officials for the ballot…

July School Board Reports — Week 4

Seven local school boards met last week. Kansas De Soto School District Highlights: Overseeing construction funded by school bonds approved by district voters. Reviewing proposed budget for 2012-13 school year. Announcement of public budget hearing scheduled for Monday, Aug. 13, at 6 p.m. Overseeing contractor study of district enrollment and school boundaries, which should be … Continue reading

Column A or Column B? — Part 5 of Stop Stealing Dreams (What is School For?)

by Seth Godin If you missed Part 4, click HERE. 5. Column A and Column B Aware Caring Committed Creative Goal-setting Honest Improvising Incisive Independent Informed Initiating Innovating Insightful Leading Strategic Supportive ——————————————- > or Obedient Which column do you pick? Whom do you want to work for or work next to? Whom do you … Continue reading

Bad Teachers

“First of all, we need to get rid of all the bad teachers.” I was talking with a friend — a mother whose opinion I generally respect — so I was shocked to hear those words come out of her mouth. I was shocked, because I didn’t think she really knew what she meant. “What … Continue reading

Video: Classroom Game Design

Paul Anderson was Montana’s Teacher of the Year in 2011, and this is his TED Talk about how he has designed his biology classes as games. I especially appreciated his discussion about what he — as a teacher — learned about game design and education when he put theme design into practice. _______________________________ Read our … Continue reading

Originally posted on 20 Pounds Of Headlines:
The Kansas City School will have a dog in the fight on Presidential Election Day, November 6. The Board has scheduled a special election for then. That will will a vacancy on the Board. A seat became vacant whern Board member Derek Richey resigned to take another job out…

July School Board Reports — Week 3

Nine local school boards met last week. Kansas Blue Valley School District Highlights: Reorganization Revising two district policies, “Behavior and Discipline” and “Civility of Students” Bonner Springs/Edwardsville Highlight: Reorganization Gardner Edgerton Highlights: Reorganization Overseeing projects funded by $72 million in school bond sales approved by voters earlier this year. Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools Highlights: Reorganization An … Continue reading

Stop Stealing Dreams (What is School For?) — Part 4

by Seth Godin If you missed Parts 2 & 3, click HERE. 4. What is school for? It seems a question so obvious that it’s hardly worth asking. And yet there are many possible answers. Here are a few (I’m talking about public or widespread private education here, grade K through college): To create a … Continue reading

Help Wanted: New Superintendent for Raymore-Peculiar School District

Because their superintendent has resigned, the Raymore-Peculiar School District’s board of education will be searching for someone to replace him. Superintendent Jeff Kyle submitted his letter of resignation yesterday, saying he intends to retire at the end of the school year that starts next month. And the board announced his resignation during their meeting last … Continue reading

Kansas Receives Waiver, No Longer Needs to Comply With No Child Left Behind Act

Today the U.S. Department of Education issued a letter to the Kansas State Department of Education granting the waiver they had requested. Now Kansas joins Missouri and more than half the states on the list of those no longer required to comply with the terms of the No Child Left Behind Act. Here is Kansas’ … Continue reading


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