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Grandview School District: What to Do With an Extra Million in Spare Change?

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Sometime in the next several months, members of the Grandview School District Board of Education will decide what to do with an extra million dollars.

Most districts these days don’t have that kind of spare cash lying around. However, one of Grandview’s bond projects came in significantly under budget, and the district is considering spending the leftover funds on high school stadium improvements.

Because this expenditure was not on the list of bond funding projects approved by voters, district administrators held a series of meetings over the last couple months seeking community comments. The final meeting took place last week. Now, taking into public opinion into account, school board members must decide whether to give district administration the go-ahead for their proposal.

If the plan does receive board approval, the high school stadium will be updated with artificial turf, new goals and goal posts that would allow the stadium to be used for soccer or football and a new LED score board. Depending on cost estimates, administration would also like to upgrade stadium seating.

The project that came in a million dollars under budget was installation of heating and cooling pipes in Grandview Middle School.

Last April, voters approved $7 million in school bond sales. School bonds are a form of public indebtedness. According to state law, the district can use this money only for capital improvements. It cannot be spent on operational costs, such as teacher salaries.

Although the Board of Education plans to consider approval of the stadium upgrades sometime in the next several months, the board secretary has not yet announced which month the issue will appear on the agenda.


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3 thoughts on “Grandview School District: What to Do With an Extra Million in Spare Change?

  1. What an outrageous waste of money. Has the school board then completely given up on the education of Grandview’s kids? My understanding is that our school have asbestos in the ceilings, dangerously out of repair bathrooms, and computers that still run Windows 95. With all that could be improved for the safety and education of our kids and their teachers, is the school board really going to throw away $1 million on new astroturf? Please post an update to your story with the names of the School Board members who support this proposal.

    Posted by Sean | February 17, 2012, 6:24 am
  2. Board members plan to vote on the use of bond money to upgrade the stadium at their March meeting tomorrow night, Thursday, March 15, which starts at 6:30 p.m. The location is the Board of Education Offices; 13015 10th St.; Grandview, MO 64030. District administrators are recommending the board vote for approval. This meeting is open to the public. Community members may attend and request permission to speak, voicing opinions about items on the agenda.

    Posted by jwmartinez | March 14, 2012, 10:20 pm


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