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Still Waiting to Friend Your Students Again? Politics is Holding Up Signing of SB 1

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This evening, I am working on an article about the new proposed accreditation rules for Missouri public schools. In the meantime, I received an update on the status of SB 1 (the section of the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act regulating student-teacher online interaction):

Legislative Update
by Otto Fajen, Missouri National Education Association Legislative Director

The House met in technical session on October 3, but House Speaker Steven Tilley still did not sign either SCS/SB 1 (Jane Cunningham), a bill pertaining to school board policies on employee-student communications, or SS/SCS/SB 7 (Rob Mayer), a bill to create a new, quasi-public entity to help identify and support emerging technology-related businesses in the state. Both bills have passed both chambers and merely await the formality of being signed by the Speaker before returning to the Senate to be presented to the Governor for his approval.

The Speaker is apparently delaying his signature of SCS/SB 1 and SS/SCS/SB 7 in order to get the Senate to take up and pass the House bills that are on the Senate calendar. However, the signature of an approved bill by the presiding officers of the chambers is generally considered a formality that can not ultimately prevent a bill properly approved by both chambers from reaching the Governor’s desk, though the exact path and timing by which this will happen is not yet clear.

The House will meet again in technical session on October 4, but the Senate will not meet again until a technical session on October 6.

Once signed by the Speaker, the bill will return to the Senate and will then be presented to the Governor. The Governor will have the option to sign the bill into law, veto the bill and return it to the legislature with his objections or allow the bill to go into effect without signature.

SCS/SB 1 revises and simplifies existing law regarding school policies on employee-student communications as contained in section 162.069 from SB 54 (Jane Cunningham), a bill enacted in the 2011 Regular Session and signed into law by the Governor. Missouri NEA appreciates the Governor’s action to include the issue in the special session.

SCS/SB 1 maintains local control so teachers, parents and students can provide input regarding board policies that affect them.


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