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Looking For Something to Do During the Day

I do some of my best writing when I walk the dog. She knows the word “walk” and does her doggy dance, toenails clicking on the tile floor in the front hall, as I click the leash on her collar. Sometimes it feels like an interruption of my work to take her out, but as … Continue reading

Raymore-Peculiar School Board Projects $1.3 Million Deficit This Year

Teachers in the Raymore-Peculiar School District are making a little more money this year, the superintendent is not, and the district is operating on a deficit budget approved by the Board of Education with two dissenting votes. Salaries for teachers — who did not receive raises last year — increased by $600. Most administrators — … Continue reading

Kansas Fusion Center Wants to Gather Intelligence in Public Schools

Representatives of districts across Kansas are returning home from Topeka following the two-day Kansas Safe and Prepared Schools Conference sponsored by four state agencies. A fifth agency — Kansas Homeland Security — appeared as a sponsor on the advance flyer but was not listed in the conference program. The conference took place Monday, Sept. 26, … Continue reading

Platte County R-III School District Partners With County to Build Natatorium

When the new $5.3 million natatorium opens about two years, Platte County R-III swim teams will only have to travel across town instead of across the state line to practice. The distance the team is traveling now — between Platte City, Mo., and Fort Leavenworth, Kan. — is about 20 miles. The distance they will … Continue reading

Banned Books Week: “And Tango Makes Three”

In honor of Banned Books Week (September 24-October 1), we are re-running an editorial about a book that the North Kansas City School District considered banning in February of 2010. The North Kansas City School Board ultimately decided to leave decisions about what children should read up to their parents, although they did place some … Continue reading

UPDATE September 27 8:15 a.m. BREAKING NEWS: SB 1 Has Received Final Approval in the Missouri House

According to the Missouri State Teachers Association, the Missouri House approved SB 1 (formerly SB 54) about an hour ago and is sending it to Governor Jay Nixon for his signature. The status of the bill on the Missouri General Assembly site is “Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed,” effective today. This is the part … Continue reading

UPDATE Sept. 23, 3:39 p.m. | It’s Not Just Dr. Covington: Superintendents in Kansas City Area Come & Go

Dr. John Covington’s resignation from his job as chief administrator of the Kansas City, Missouri School District generated news coverage not just locally but nationwide. However, he was not the only local school superintendent to resign this year. Less well covered have been the resignations of superintendents in the Hickman Mills and Park Hill districts. … Continue reading

Lee’s Summit R-7 School Board Has Plans in Place for Students Wanting to Transfer From KCMO School District

Editor’s Note: This afternoon, I received a robo call and e-mail from the superintendent of the North Kansas City School District, where my daughter is a student. The topic was the loss of accreditation in Kansas City, Missouri School District and how it might affect us. I am sure parents and teachers in other districts … Continue reading

Government Report on School Funding Formula in Missouri (Comic Book Version) — Part Three

If you haven’t yet read the first installment in this series, click here. If you haven’t yet read the second installment in this series, click here. If you would like to read Dr. Preis’ report for yourself, click here. If you would like to read the funding formula in Senate Bill 287 for yourself, click … Continue reading

UPDATE: Sept. 23, 9:12 a.m. MO Education Committee Sends SB 1 to House Floor for Debate

This afternoon, the education committee of the Missouri House of Representatives voted unanimously to send SB 1 — the new version of the Amy Hestir Student Protection Act — to the House floor for debate. Last week the Missouri Senate granted its final approval to the bill, sending it to the House for consideration. According … Continue reading


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