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Missouri Board Approves 2% Cost-of-Living Increase for Retired Teachers

Next January, retired teachers and school employees in Missouri — who did not get a cost-of-living increase this year — will receive a small raise. Monday, the PSRS/PEERS Board of Trustees approved a 2 percent Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) that will go into effect January 1. PSRS/PEERS is the Public School and Education Employee Retirement Systems … Continue reading

Plants and Children Will Have a Place to Grow at Conn-West Elementary

Last July, school board member Ann Fisher wanted to know if Grandview could find some volunteers to do beautification projects around the district. Conn-West Elementary School, in particular, needed some sprucing up, she said. Next week, the Local Investment Commission will help with that sprucing up. On Friday, Sept. 9, volunteers from the school and … Continue reading

Guest Editorial: Teaching is Easy, Right?

by Jennifer L. Gadd By now you’ve all probably seen the recent video clip in which actor Matt Damon takes a reason.tv cameraman to task at the Save Our Schools Rally. In the clip, the interviewer sets forth the notion that job security keeps educators from wanting to be good teachers. That reporter should’ve talked … Continue reading

Rising Number of Poor Children in Kansas & Missouri

The number of children living in poverty in both Kansas and Missouri is on the rise, according to data gathered by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which works to improve conditions for disadvantaged children in the United States. This trend is significant when it comes to education, because children from disadvantaged families often struggle in … Continue reading

Help Wanted: New Board Member for Center School District

For the second time this year, the Center district must fill a school board vacancy by appointment rather than by election. Board member Nicole Price submitted a letter of resignation to her colleagues last month. Because she is selling her house and moving out of district, she is no longer eligible to serve. Anyone who … Continue reading

Increasing Enrollment In the Metro Area: Where Are All the Children Coming From?

Story after story in the KC Education Enterpriselately has been about districts building and renovating public schools across the metropolitan area. Gardner-Edgerton is buying land for future expansion. Liberty is completing its new high school in three phases. De Soto is unable to complete the third phase of high school renovations as a result of … Continue reading

Number of Needy Students Up, Instruction Cut in Bonner Springs/Edwardsville School District

A plea for help was included in budget documents administrators presented for approval to the board of Bonner Springs/Edwardsville Unified School District #204 last night. “Due to the state’s budgeting problems this past two years we made cuts of over 2.5 million dollars and are anticipating further cuts in the coming months,” is how district … Continue reading

Liberty: Level Tax Levy This Year, Maybe Higher Next Year

Liberty School District’s Board of Education plans to keep property taxes from rising this year. However, they may ask voters to go to the polls in November to approve higher taxes to support the schools in future years. During a public hearing tonight, the board will consider a proposed property tax levy of $4.9 for … Continue reading

Park Hill Trying to Make Good on Promise Not to Increase Taxes

When Park Hill asked taxpayers to approve $49.5 million in bonds last spring, the district promoted this vote as a “No-Tax-Increase Bond Issue.” Which is why, when the Board of Education holds its annual tax levy hearing next Thursday, school board members are going to do their best to keep property taxes from rising. Property … Continue reading

Missouri: High Standards but Average Student Achievement

The goal of Missouri’s State Board of Education is for student achievement to rank in the top 10 in the nation by the year 2020. In December, the board will vote on proposed new standards they hope will help accomplish that goal. This week, during the board’s August monthly meeting, they gave the go-ahead to … Continue reading


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