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Six Area High Schools Rank Among Best in the U.S.

Six Kansas City metropolitan area institutions made this year’s list of 500 of America’s Best High Schools compiled by Newsweek magazine. Of those six, five are on the Kansas side of the state line and one is in Missouri. The schools in Kansas are all located in low-poverty districts, while the Missouri school is in … Continue reading

Child Soldiers

How old does this boy look? If he were alive today, he would be about the age of my junior high school students. This spring in social studies, our eighth graders were studying the United States Civil War, so the communication arts teachers decided — in the interest of interdisciplinary studies — to guide our … Continue reading

Democracy in the Twilight Zone

Imagine if you will, a United States in which John Boehner is just a guy running a plastics company in addition to struggling in an unpaid position as the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Imagine if you will, that Gabrielle Giffords is running the tire warehouse her grandfather founded while commuting back … Continue reading


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